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Specialized Services for Specialized Needs

In addition to our market-leading real estate data and AVM offering, Real Info provides a wide range of products and customizable solutions. Save considerable time and resources by utilizing a single source for order entry and fulfillment.

Property Condition Reports (PCRs)

This report provides photo documentation and valuable insight about the subject property's condition and surrounding area. This product is available nationally and can accompany AVMs to meet Regulatory Compliance.

Sample Property Condition Reports (PCRs)

Property Damage Inspection

This report provides photo documentation and an overview of whether a property has sustained any noticeable damage, typically related to a severe weather event in the surrounding area. This product can be completed as an exterior only review or with an interior inspection.

Sample Property Damage Inspection

Flood Certifications

This report clearly states whether a particular property is within a flood zone. It uses the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood hazard areas to determine flood hazard levels. Up to 24-hour turn-around time, most reports delivered instantly.

Sample Flood Certifications

Complexity Profiler - Identify Complex Appraisal Assignments

This report identifies the level of property complexity by calculating an objective score for each property. The Complexity Profiler analyzes the subject property characteristics and compares them to those of the surrounding market sales. The objective is to identify each property as being complex or non-complex and, thus, allow lenders and appraisers to estimate the level of difficulty of appraising each property.

Sample Complexity Profiler

AVM Batch Processing

Cascade Platform

Retro Valuations

Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

Bulk Marketing Data

Match & Append Services

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