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With Real Info’s Automated Valuation Models, it’s easy to predict market value and make informed decisions. Our industry-leading AVMs are invaluable for home equity lending, quality control, portfolio review, first mortgages, refinancing (refis), fraud detection, and more.

AVM cascading is available to increase hit rate and quickly supply an accurate valuation using any or all of the models we offer. Need limited (aka lite/batch) output or a customized version of our proprietary AVMs? We've got you covered. Requests can be fulfilled via the web, batch processing, and XML integration.

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i-Val is a rules-based, expert systems model that instantly provides a predicted market value for a particular residential property. Blended model.

Sample i-Val®

i-Val® Plus

i-Val Plus is an enhanced version of our signature i-Val Report, the Plus version includes mapping, market trends and nearby MLS listings

Sample i-Val® Plus


realAssessment uses assessed value and a computer-analyzed and calculated equalization rate to arrive at an estimated value. Index model.

Sample realAssessment™

realAssessment™ Plus

realAssessment Plus is an enhanced version of our signature realAssessment Report, the Plus version includes mapping, market trends and nearby MLS listings

Sample realAssessment™ Plus


Q-Val, a quality-controlled rules-based, expert systems model quickly predicts market value.

Sample Q-Val™




Other AVM Solutions

Real Info has strategic licensing partnerships with other AVM providers, giving you access to a comprehensive selection of products for your collateral assessment needs.

Advantage Cascade by AVMetrics

Collateral Analytics (CA Value)

Collateral Analytics MC (CA Value MC)

HVE™ by Freddie Mac

Sample HVE™

PASS™ by CoreLogic

Sample Pass™


Sample RELAR™

RVM by Black Knight

Sample RVM

Safe Value

Sample Safe Value

SiteX Value by Black Knight

Sample SiteX Value

ValueEdge Cascade by Black Knight

ValuePoint™ by CoreLogic

Sample ValuePoint™

ValueSure™ by Black Knight

Sample ValueSure™

VeroVALUE™ by Veros

Sample VeroVALUE™

VeroVALUE™ Advantage by Veros

Sample VeroVALUE™ Advantage