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You're only as good as your information. That's why we're proud to provide access to the most comprehensive national database of public record real estate data available. Reports are available through realAccess data subscriptions or a la carte using our realCredits program. Contact us today for information on bulk data options and customized solutions.

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This comprehensive property record includes a wealth of information on an individual property, including owner, mailing address, structural information, lot specs, improvements, and an up-to-date sales history.


Included with realAccess™ subscription


(1) realCredit™


This comparable sales report analyzes a property’s characteristics and, through an expert systems model, finds sales of comparable properties, and produces a quick list with detailed information.


Included with realAccess™ subscription


(2) realCredits™


realReport, our custom report generator, allows you to search for property records based on any combination of criteria from our highly-detailed database.

Included with realAccess™ subscription


realCredits Available

realAccess and realCredits Available

No Coverage



In most states, reports are available on an as-needed basis through our flexible realCredits program. See realCredit pricing below.


For a select group of states, all data services are available for one low price via realAccess, our unlimited subscription program. See coverage map for pricing details.

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